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Electrotherapy Skincare

Owner Julie Laib has created a little piece of heaven in Downtown Hollister. She is now bringing Hollywood’s best-kept skincare secret to the Central Coast. As seen on E! News, The Insider, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, The Doctors, Good Morning America, the Iderm® Facial Treatment uses galvanic current, a natural, low-level form of electricity, to infuse skin with restorative vitamins and minerals. The result? Radiant, Clear, younger-looking skin that is plump with moisture and smooth to the touch.

Finally Available on the Central Coast!
Dermaculture, the parent company who created the Iderm process, only licenses its trade name and proprietary skincare technology throughout the United States to select skincare establishments. Paradiso Spa is currently the only skincare center on the Central Coast certified in the Iderm Deep Ionization Technique.

Fun Fact: On the entire West Coast, only 12 locations provide the The Iderm® treatment.
Fun Fact: The Iderm® Treatment isn’t just for women. Celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Christian Slater, and
funny man, Mike Myers, have all enjoyed the benefits of this amazing skincare process.

Here’s How It Works

The Iderm® Facial Treatment is a 4-step process.

1. Preparation: As you enter one of Paradiso’s beautiful rooms you immediately start to relax and get comfortable in a perfectly warmed bed. Your skin is gently cleansed and exfoliated. Your skin will be evaluated and your questions and concerns will be addressed and answered.

2. Moisture Pack: Your Certified Esthetician places cotton fabric on the skin, which has been soaked in a yucca root solution. Yucca contains saponins, often called “nature’s detergents” due to their combination of water-soluble and fat-soluble components. Then an Infrared heat dome is then placed over the face to prepare the skin for detoxification and deep pore cleansing.

3. Deep Cleaning: With the use of a small vacuum, your skin is oxygenated and surface debris removed. Next is a thorough, manual extraction of the facial tissue, dislodging impurities, attacking blemishes, and unclogging of your pores.

4. Ionization: Finally, your face and neck are wrapped with cotton that has been soaked with an anti-aging solution containing, among other nourishment, Vitamin C and zinc. Vitamin C helps regenerate tissue, stimulate collagen production, and acts as an antioxidant. Zinc is an anti-inflammatory, which calms the facial tissues. Then the galvanic current to ionize the solution is placed. The current helps firm skin, tighten pores, decrease inflammation, increase collagen production, and promote new cell growth, in addition to reducing bacterial growth.

Fun Fact: Your skin actually wants to reject what you put on it, so the only way to truly affect the lower
layers of the skin is to draw vitamin-rich solutions into the dermal tissue by means of electricity.

Extractions, Electrical Current and Does the Treatment Hurt?
Generally, no. As with a workout regimen, clients new to the manual extraction process may experience minimal discomfort for a brief period. As for the ionization process, most people find the galvanic current actually kind of tickles. It’s a low-intensity, adjustable current that is so safe you could use it every day. Because the body itself is electric, some clients find it so relaxing, they fall asleep during this step, while others find it perks them up.

Fun Fact: Galvanic current is also used in the medical arena; the Iderm Treatment is recommended for pre and
post-laser and surgical procedures to boost the healing process.

Why’s it Different?
The Iderm Treatment is serious skincare for the serious client who’s looking to take their regimen to the next level. The average “spa facial” focuses on pampering the client through the addition of masks and creams. Conversely, the Iderm Treatment is all about subtraction; removing impurities, extracting blemish-causing bacteria, and infusing the skin with healthy, water-soluble solutions of vitamins and minerals.

What Results Can You Expect?
The Iderm Treatment is skin detox at its best: You will notice immediately after the first treatment how utterly clean your skin feels. The absence of dirt, oil, and dead skin cells allows light to reflect, giving your skin a younger appearance. Increased circulation provides a radiant glow without makeup. Your skin also holds more moisture, so it feels softer and plumper. For rosacea sufferers, the galvanic current constricts blood vessels and soothes inflammation, thereby reducing redness. For those with acne, it helps unclog pores so that sebum (excess oil) can easily be removed.

Further treatments diminish fine lines, even skin tone, and provide a clearer complexion. Julie recommends beginning your anti-aging program with a treatment once a week for the first four weeks, followed by bimonthly or monthly treatments.

Julie says, “Just like the gym, the more you go the better the results” — that’s why this treatment is often referred to as ‘The Skin Gym’.

Are you ready for your workout?

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